Investor Education

LDPE industry forum of China in 2013

LDPE industry forum of China was hosted by Dalian Commodity Exchangeand sponsored by Zhongda Futures company at Luban Yizhou hotel in July 20thin 2013. About 120 guests and investors attended this forum, the key speakersof the forum was invited from the leading institutions and companies of LDPEindustry.


Since the LLDPE was introduced into the futures andcommodity market, the forward price has impacted the spot price significantly. Thepurpose of this forum was to educate investors about the new product and discoverinvestment opportunities through discussion and communication with the experts.The key contents of the forum such as macro economic trends; LDPE industry’sdevelopment and opportunities; enterprise risk management philosophy werecovered by the speakers. Meanwhile,by holding this forum was also an opportunity to create an platform ofinformation share and communication between investors and professionals.