New Looker

Since its inception, Shanghai Chinatop Institute of Economic Research has been actively tracking the latest updates of the national financial market. Our research fellows are dedicated to regular publication of research papers with proactive and practical views as well as analytical criticism to the market and international communications, which are included in the weekly publication New Look aiming to offer professional consulting service. Up till now, the Institute has published six special issues and more than 100 weekly E-publications. Among those three seasonal publications were printed and distributed with circulation up to 2,000.

Fuchi Research

The press deploy a variety of tools and resources to assess the investment outlook, including industry information and surveys, and public documents, as well as insights from Zhongda analysts following the futures market and macro economy. Our group made effort to provide you with exclusive views that give you the edge to the market.
Surveys And Awards
  • 2010 Agricultural Department Was awarded No.1 of ‘Best Potential Research Teams’ by DCE & Hexun
  • 2010 Chemical Department Was awarded No 4 of ‘Top 10 Best Research Teams’ by DCE & Hexun